Coward & Black

The business partners behind Coward & Black are both English immigrants with experience in the gourmet food industry. They now bring their skills and good humour together to establish a premium winery set in South Western Australia. Look closely and you shall find the characters leaving a map of England and entering a map of SW Australia.


Boffins Bookshop had established a good reputation as a technical and specialist book retailer. The re-branding project capitalised on the opportunity of giving Boffin’s further interest and credibility by using the “boffins of history” as a point of interest in an artistic wallpaper art pastiche. The logo is a combination of “The Thinker” by Rodin (hand holding chin), doubling with the book in hand.


Auto Service Centre Signage RAC required a signage system to identify their new Auto Service Centres. The resemblance of the RAC logo to a hexagonal nut gave me the opportunity to playfully combine the RAC logo with that most familiar metaphor of auto service, the mechanic’s spanner. I custom designed the building fascia with back lit graphic and text. The dashboard light icons were used as a repeat pattern detail to reinforce all those little things that need servicing.