Air Nightclub – Northbridge

September 1, 2014

AIR nightclub is a complete rebuild and refit project, developed to provide a first class, luxurious venue for clientele looking for a sophisticated nightclub experience.

“I had a lot of fun with this project,” 
said Roland. “The strategy was to create a fantasy experience, where clubbers are transported into a futuristic transit lounge, where outstanding in-flight entertainment is delivered surrounded by state of the art technology.”

The Air theme worked across all aspects, from the airlock hatchway entry door, to the “cabin crew” staff uniforms and boarding pass style tickets for special events. The simplicity of the Air logo is modern and stylish, whilst having the trade-mark quirkiness of Roland’s designs, where the logo can be read equally upside-down.

The Air Branding was a finalist in the AGDA awards and received a Highly Commendable Award.

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