STAR PROFILE: Jodi Colcott and tanGO

September 1, 2014

RBD: tanGO is an innovative product. What compelled you to design your own product?

JC: As the owner of a tanning salon I noticed there was a big gap in the market for tan removal products. We had clients coming in for their treatments unprepared and we had no retail products for them to take home. It was a big gamble to take an idea and turn it into a reality, however it has definitely paid off. It is flattering to me that many of the large tanning companies have to some degree now imitated my idea.

RBD: So you began with a tanning removal cloth. What other range of products do you offer now?

JC: After the tanGO tan removal cloth was established I branched out into a removal glove as the market was demanding it. We then have continued the line with a tan applicator mitt, and an exfoliating glove for the serious tanner. The basic concept behind tanGO was to provide a gentle reusable product that removed self tan effectively. Quite often people will ask me why do you want to take the tan off. If you have ever seen a bad tan or an orange tan trust me those girls want it gone. Sadly a lot of my clientele were using bleach and nail polish remover to try and achieve this result.

I also supply a range of disposable accessories to salons which has developed into a successful online business.

RBD: Today’s retail industry is suffering with on-line purchases. Have you had to change to adapt to this market?

JC: We have had a strong online store & presence since the inception of this company & concept, at . We do however still have representatives out on the road visiting stores; I believe good old fashion customer service, education and training will always be appreciated.

RBD: You are newly wed and have two incredible boys, aged 14 and 11. How do you balance it all?

JC: I try hard to have a no business calls or emails rule after 3pm so I can give my children and husband quality time. I also believe in having a very organized work space/life to help keep everything running smoothly.

RBD: Favorite tanning product?

JC: I love tanGO obviously for all my removal products however I am a big fan of bronzing products as a bronzer has the ability to make everything look great! I personally don’t think you can go past M.A.C. Cosmetics for a good quality bronzer. I believe being bronzed is here to stay and faking it will always be the best option. Choose your technician with care. If you decide to do it yourself take your time, and remember that preparation is the key to a flawless tan!

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