Star Profile: Tamara Harrison Design

October 1, 2013

RBD: At what moment did you know art/design had “grabbed you”?

TH: It has always been there for me, as far back as I can remember, as a passion, and I always knew I would do something creative (even though I had no idea I would end up in jewellery). When I was a child I used to make ‘fimo’ animals (well more like blobs) and sell them! But Mum did the most amazing creative things with us (like hire a pottery wheel, cover the lounge room in plastic and letting us ‘go for it’!) so it was natural for me to pursue it – Expressing it keeps me in balance.

RBD: When did you decide to turn your artistry into jewellery?

TH: About 10 years ago I realised that my creative job didn’t define me, my creativity did. My job was just the medium I happened to express it through at the time. That’s when the jewellery designing and construction really took hold and then amped up even more when my daughter was born almost 2 years ago. She somehow gave me clarity to turn the ‘hobby’ into a business.

RBD: Where do you get your inspiration?

TH: So many areas, basically anywhere I look, but, particularly nature, branches and trees are a love, anything spherical, other creative people, blogs and the significant people in my life.

RBD: What hobby do you enjoy to take your mind off work?

TH: Sometimes I paint – mostly abstracts. But I find my work so relaxing, refreshing and enjoyable that I don’t want to take my mind off it!!

RBD: Favourite band/musician?

TH: I love Verve Remixed. Old school artists from the Verve label like Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Bobo, Nina Simone remixed by electronic music producers and DJs. Jazz and Blues spiced up. Love it!

RBD: Favourite artist?

TH: Andy Goldsworthy – the way he uses nature as found objects is truly mind blowing.

RBD: Where was the last place you travelled?

TH: Denmark, South West, WA. We try to get there as often as possible, such an inspiring place, nature all around and several coffee shops with the best coffee in WA – no exaggeration..

RBD: What’s your personal philosophy on life?

TH: To be content and grateful for all the wonder in my life. Even when it’s tough, life delivers joy, you just have to see it!

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