Workscreen Medical

September 1, 2014

When RBD first met Mark Kern in 2010, he was a physiotherapist and feldenkrais practitioner who had a few big ideas. Since Mark’s conception of his business Workscreen Medical and now the larger umbrella of Kern Health, Mark’s business has grown and branched out into two niche areas in work related health matters.

“When I first started out with Workscreen, Roland was an enormous help. His knowledge about marketing was essential. Roland helped me focus on things I hadn’t even considered,” Mark said. “The branding of Workscreen has been great and other professionals and peers have had many positive comments about it. It enabled me to launch into a new business with confidence.”

“Workscreen offers a health screening service for potential employees to ensure a full understanding of a person’s health history. In that sense, the service provides the missing pieces of the jigsaw,” said Roland.

Workscreen now provides services for small and large companies, such as Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group and Domain. Kern Health marries nicely with Workscreen providing appraisals of businesses to reduce work injuries, assistance in finding ideal team members and ensuring best practices for a safe and efficient work place.

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